Google Cloud Machine Learning API Delete Model Version

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine - Delete Model Version

Deletes a model version. Each model can have multiple versions deployed and in use at any given time. Use this method to remove a single version. Note: You cannot delete the version that is set as the default version of the model unless it is the only remaining version.

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API Description


Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine


Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine is a managed service that enables you to easily build machine learning models, that work on any type of data, of any size. Create your model with the powerful TensorFlow framework that powers many Google products, from Google Photos to Google Cloud Speech. Build models of any size with our managed scalable infrastructure. Your trained model is immediately available for use with our global prediction platform that can support thousands of users and TBs of data.

Curl command through

curl -v "{name}?X-Sd-Token={streamdata_token}"

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